Aims and Scope

Quantum Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology (QJOEST) publishes research in several areas of engineering, computer sciences, architecture and design, agricultural sciences, biological sciences, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, environmental science, life sciences, mathematics and statistics, as well as sport sciences.

Engineering: chemical and bioprocess, civil and building, computer, electronical and electronic, industrial, mechanical and manufacturing, biomedical, control engineering and robotics, energy and power, micro and nanotechnology, environmental, etc.

Computer Science: artificial intelligence, computer networks and communications. computer vision and pattern recognition, computer graphics and multimedia, software system, data management and data mining, theory and algorithms, mobile computing for e-commerce, cryptography and foundation of computer security, quality of services and communication protocol, hybrin computational, emerging areas, etc.

Architecture and Design: architectutal landscape design, design management and design coordination, facilities management, urban and regional planning and studies, building design and construction, quantity surveys, real estates studies and management, philosophy of architecture, architectural design and practices, etc.

Agricultural Sciences: crop and vegetable sciences, physiology and morphology, fruit science and viticulture, aquaculture, zootechnics, soil management, horticulture, poultry science, dairy science, entomology, fish and fisheries, phytomedicine, agricultural engineering, veterinary, virology, viticulture, weed biology, food technology and biochemistry, agricultural economics, etc.

Biological Sciences: cell biology, developmental biology, structural biology, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, biodiversity, entomology, toxicology, ecology, freshwater biology, marine biology, genetics and epidemiology, environmental biology, plant biology, ethno-medicines and bioinformatics, etc.

Chemistry: organic and inorganic, forensic, pure and applied chemistry, neurochemistry, marine chemistry, geochemitsry, electrochemistry, clinical chemistry, analytical chemistry, agricultural and food chemistry, organometallic chemistry, histochemistry and cytochemistry, cereal chemistry, cellular biochemistry, etc.

Physics: atomic physic, molecular and optical physics, solid state physics, applied and metal physics, condensed matter, energy, phtonics, nuclear and particles physics, etc.

Earth Sciences: geology, petrology, dynamics of the lithosphere, mineralogy and hydrocarbons, ore deposit geology, tectonics and volcanology, paleontology, stratigraphy, global dynamics of physicochemical cycles, sedimentology,evolution of life, geochemistry, geophysics, surface processes, etc.

Environmental Science: atmospheric environment, aquatic environment, biomonitoring and biomarkers, emerging contaminants, environmental analysis and methods, environmental biology, environmental chemistry, environmental catalysis and nanomaterials, environmental health and toxicology, environmental microbiology, environmental nanotechnology, environmental remediation and management, terrestrial environment, etc.

Life Sciences: biology, genetics, biological anthropology, botany, medical sciences, veterinary sciences, biochemical genetics, biometry, clinical genetics, cytogenetics, genetic epidemiology, genetic testing, evolution and population genetics, immunogenetics and molecular genetics, etc.

Mathematics and Statistics: mathematical and numerical analysis, algebra, geometry, topology, mathematical physics, discrete mathematics, operations research, mathematical programming, mathematical logic, mathematical control, dynamical systems, decision sciences, probability theory, statistical mechanics, applied statistics, mathematical finance, actuarial science & risk management, applied econometrics, bioinformatics, applications to the modeling of complex phenomena arising in physics, chemistry, biology, social, economics and behavioral sciences, etc.

Sport Sciences: Sport and exercise physiology, excecise and brain health, physical education, sport and exercise biomechemistry and nutrion, biomechanics and motor behavious, physical activity epidemiology, public health promotion, sport and exercise medicine, injury prevention and clinical rehabilitation, traditional chines sports exercise and health, etc.